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Wheelchair Ramps & Repairs

We want to help folks remove barriers. One simple way to do this is through having wheelchair ramps that allow someone to safely get from their home to a neighbor, go for a walk, or get to a vehicle. So many lack this one simple resource either because they are unable to afford a ramp or because the one they have is hazardous and needs repair. We work to identify resources for both.

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We work with technology companies to provide resources that can help health facilities with Telehealth support services that eliminate the need for some traditionally in-person doctor's visits that may be easily executed in a virtual format.

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Medicaid/Medicare Benefit Education

Medicare & Medicaid benefits can become extremely difficult to understand in terms of what's available and how to access. We provide resources for understanding both.

Caregiver Support

So many do not have the proper support to dress, feed themselves, maintain hygiene or understand and carry through their doctors recommendations following an appointment. We work with companies to obtain caregiving support and sometimes social worker support so that a quality of life is accessible.

Aging Mobility Education

Mobility changes as we age, but it doesn't need to completely decline. We offer education and support services to help maintain mobility as we age.

Nutrition & Mobility

We offer classes on nutrition and how to avoid the ailments, illnesses and disease that cause immobility.