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Why We Exist

CENTER was founded in 2021 as a non-profit 501 c(3) organization to fill the gaps in “access” to transportation service to various communities in the Metro Detroit Area. Not only do gaps exist in providing physical transportation resources there are huge gaps in:

– Preventative Measures to decrease the need for specialized transportation (ex. transportation to dialysis treatment for illnesses like diabetes caused by controllable factors such as food education and knowledge on how to avoid immobility)

– Knowledge in how to access resources (especially for low-income residents and Medicaid recipients)

– “Access” – Related Resources – Ramps, Wheelchairs, Personal Care Assistance, Care Managers who can interpret and explain diagnosis and prepare patients for a life with the new diagnosis (for example a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes)

– Research – Programs that uncover underlying factors to disease in certain communities as well as research that pilots programs designed to alleviate transportation need where the need is greatest in minority and economically-disadvantaged communities.


All funds donated or acquired go directly to the funding of the execution and daily management of our programs and research. 

Our Mission

To remove all barriers to mobility through strategic partnerships, community activation and prevention of “immobility” through research.

Our Vision

Eliminate widespread transportation disparities that can be ameliorated with better education and more access to peripheral resources.